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New Scarapr Logo
Written by Scarpar Admin   
Oct 05, 2007 at 06:49 AM
So, here is the new Scarpar logo. We sent our designers away and this is what they developed ... we love it, and hope you do to! You will see us starting to re-brand over the coming weeks / months.

Now, what does it all mean I hear you ask. Well so did we, and here is the explanation of our graphic designer (Noah Rush):

"I tried the elliptical orbit. Way too obvious. Especially when it is on that traditional orbit angle. This here is EVOLVED. It is an orbit, but topographical.

The two circle on the sides are both the earth, one in summer, one in winter. The gear in the centre is the sun. It is meant to be very simple and intentionally hard to tell it is an orbit without being told which adds a little mystery.

At the same time, I think it looks tough, clean, powerful and refined, but not too try-hard hardcore."

Thank you Noah. We think you are brilliant!

We were a bit less scientific about choosing this one though .. we just thought it looked really cool :-)

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