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The following links are to a video of the Scarpar prototype being put through it's paces by our former test pilot, Dan Baldwin. Dan is now busy working on engineering the Scarpar for the market ... he would prefer to be off-roading on his creation, but there's work to do. Not that it's dangerous or anything, but we'd prefer Dan not try to jump any buildings on the next generation Scarpar as we need him in Product Development.

That leaves an opening ... if you think you'd make a good Scarpar test pilot, or know someone who would, write to us and tell us why via the contacts page. We'll post the best applications and photos / videos. Are you out there Maverick  ... ?

OK, after that diversion, here are the links to our prototype test video:

Scarpar Video - Broadband -  

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 19 April 2006 )

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