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The History of the Scarpar
SCARPAR (Verb. Adaption of Australian slang. "Escape with haste to avoid severe consequence")

The Scarpar story began over 12 years ago (in 1994) when the inventor, Dan Baldwin, was lamenting the short snow season in Australia.  He wanted the thrill of speed on a board all year, and started drawing plans for what would eventually become the Scarpar.

Dan did not actually ride the Scarpar until 2004.  He spent 10 years developing the design,  and sourcing or fabricating components. The idea was to take the best of snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, wakeboarding and motocross and create a vehicle that he could ride like a board, steer by weight transference, and ride off-road over any terrain. 

Being a keen participant in board sports, Dan was looking for a way to capture the best of all of them and create a unique experience which allowed him to pursue his passion for speed at any time he felt like it, unrestricted by geography or weather conditions.  Dan also thought that he’d be able to give his motocross riding friends a run for their money if he had a board that could keep up!

So in the tradition of Ferdinand Porsche (Porsche cars), and more recently Sabeer Bhatia (, Dan couldn’t find what he wanted on the market, so he built it. Over many thousands of hours, and after several iterations, he created the Scarpar prototype (see above) .


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