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Racing (ScarparX)

Scarpar-X (Scarpar Cross) will be the most exciting form of motor racing to ever hit our planet. Picture this: 2 guys or 4, no wait....lets make it 10! TEN guys racing side by side on a Scarpar-X track designed similarly to a moto-x circuit combining jumps, berms, obsticles with a freestyle expression session to follow!

And while we are at it, let's have some cross country and track racing against our ATV brothers ... this is going to be HUGE!

We are creating a plan for an international Scarpar-X Federation that will organise and govern the sport globally. We have staff experienced in extreme sports event marketing and look forward to being able to apply this to the Scarpar as we go forward. There are massive opportunities for Scarpar ... it is going to be a fantastic spectator sport.

There is so much just around the corner and we look forward to sharing all the excitement with you. Hang on boys and girls.....this is just the beginning!

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 11 April 2006 )

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