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Our Partners
Written by Scarpar Admin   
Oct 05, 2007 at 07:29 AM
Our test pilot ... thanks for applying, but until you've been more than 130 mph (207 kmh) Darren Powell wins ! Darren is a great guy, and was a pleasure to work with when testing our second prototype. We look forward to working with him some more in the future.

If you aren't scared, book a trip with Darren.

Thanks to Josh and Paul Swains who've done some brilliant film production work for us that you'll be seeing in the future.

And these folks:

  • Monza Imports
  • Scott Fitzgerald
  • Black Phoenix Films
  • Impact Machine
  • Pride Studios
  • Mindworx
  • Noah Rush

There are a huge number of individual people who've contributed to the early days of this company. Many have given their time at no cost and several have done work 'on spec' ...  there are a lot of people who've helped along the way ... you know who you are. What can we say but THANKS.

Thanks also to those people who've offered advice and opinions on the product. We are listening and continuing to develop our product with eyes and ears open.

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