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Making Snow Travel Fun Again

Quite possibly the worlds most compact over-snow vehicle ever created!  The Scarpar's design includes a dual-track drive system distributing weight evenly across both the front and rear track assemblies.

Hundreds of soft knobbies assure maximum traction on and off the snow.

Without any modification or adjustment the Scarpar can easily transfer from snow covered areas to harder terrains such as gravel. This device has an enormous potential to benefit civilizations in Nordic and Alpine areas where mobilisation is hindered by weather conditions. In the future we envisage a significant commercial market with fleets of Scarpars working to assist Alpine Search Rescue Crews on various missions.

 Let's face it, would you rather go there on your grandmother's snowmobile, or do you want to board there!!! Get a Scarpar for the snow ... unless you need a chair ?

Last Updated ( Saturday, 08 April 2006 )

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