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About Us
Scarpar Pty Ltd was established to provide a vehicle to bring the Scarpar to market. It is and Australian private company with patents lodged globally under the PCT system. We are focussed on continuing to create the intellectual property which will define the Scarpar as a brand new vehicle class for off-road enthusiasts.


Andrew Fern – CEO
Andrew has an accounting degree, and a diverse work history. The last 10 years have included a CIO role in an ASX top 200 company and executive level trans-Tasman functional responsibility in a US software vendor. Recent years have been spent as an independent consultant mostly in a VC funded ex-Vodafone business. This work was largely commercial management which involved due diligence of both new business investment ideas, running existing businesses, strategy and planning for new business opportunities, business development, as well as performing due diligence on potential acquisitions. Andrew has also consulted to various companies in aspects of the commercialisation process over the last few years. He has previous experience in general management roles and is responsible for making sure that Scarpar gets to market and succeeds.

Dan Baldwin – Inventor and Product Development Director
Dan is the inventor of the Scarpar and a long time extreme sports enthusiast. Starting in skateboarding, Dan moved to surfing and eventually snowboarding which he pursued around the world. His love of high speeds and board sports is at the core of the Scarpar’s design. Dan worked as a Special Effects Technician and contributed to the making of “The Matrix”, “Mission Impossible 2” and “Superman”. His background in mechanical visual effects for the film industry gave him the skills to be able to bring the Scarpar to life.

Lawrie Robertson (Board Director and Chairman)
A long history in investment in various companies, public and private company directorships, and 2 IPOs gives Scarpar Pty Ltd some great experiences to benefit from. A strategy consulting background, combined with many years of corporate consulting have provided a wealth of knowledge. Current activities include business finance, and accounting and financial planning business interests, as well as some private equity placement activities. Lawrie’s engineering education early in his career gave an appreciation of the amount of work that has been done to bring the Scarpar to prototype, and helped to convince him of the potential of the Scarpar.

Steve Copplin (Board Director)
Steve is a CPA with many years of assisting start-up companies with advice and guidance. Having helped many companies with structure and funding over the years, he brings significant experience and extensive contacts across many industries to our team. A background in investment banking both here and in the UK, and a history which includes mergers and acquisitions, provides Scarpar Pty Ltd with another valuable resource. Steve also has an appreciation for things mechanical and could instantly see the potential market for the Scarpar.

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