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Generation 2 Scarpar
The second generation Scarpar prototype is nearing completion and is expected to be in testing on schedule in December 2006.

Significant advancements have been made between prototype generations, which will see the second generation Scarpar out-perform the current prototype in all aspects. In particuarly some advancements in the track design will see a much smoother ride over all surfaces, which will enhance the riding experience significantly.

Advancements in the driveline have added strength, durability and flexibility in this area, and the power loss through the driveline has again been reduced. Improvements which prevent track slippage will ensure that the generation 2 Scarpar always feels 'stuck' to whatever surface is being ridden.

The increase in engine capacity from 80cc to 125cc will make sure that everyone, even our test pilots, come off the new Scarpar with their eyes watering!

Sneak peaks of the new vehicle will be posted on in the coming months.
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