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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 03 May 2006 )
Welcome to Scarpar

If you're a boarder of any kind, you're heart is probably already beating a little faster at the possibilities the Scarpar will offer you. We are aiming to have the Scarpar on the market within the next year and we are already run off our feet getting the Scarpar final engineering done for production so it will blow you away.

The Scarpar has 4 benchmarks to hit before we will release it to the market. Firstly, it has to be very robust ... we know you are going to thrash them and we don't want them to break easily. Secondly, it has to look great. Third, it has to really push the boundaries on speed and performance ... we will make sure you are not disappointed! Finally, it has to be great value for money. It is not a toy and won't be priced like it is. If you want a toy, there are plenty of alternatives ... maybe think about buying a motorised scooter instead of a scarpar.

Scarpar is set to turn the Power Sports industry upside down- there is nothing like it. It is not a motorised skateboard, but you do ride it just like your board of choice - Snow, Skate, Surf, Wake.

We know that there are a lot of you out there who have 'short seasons' in your chosen board sport. The Scarpar will fix this problem for you. You will be able to ride off-road, any terrain, any conditions.

Sound exciting? Send me an email via the contacts page and let me know what you think!

We look forward to bringing the Scarpar to market and building a new generation of off-roaders.

Scarpar - Board Anywhere!

Daniel Baldwin
Inventor and Product Development Director
Last Updated ( Friday, 14 April 2006 )

The Scarpar needs to ...
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