Write-up at jfdaily.com after the Shanghai show

Scarpar has been written up on JFDaily.com after an interview with CEO, Andrew Fern while at the New Energy Auto Show in Shanghai.

The Article can be seen at the jfdaily.com website http://www.jfdaily.com/a/2388116.htm ...

In english (via Babelfish.yahoo.com so a little rough):

The electrically operated slide vehicle attracts the audience to settle down Reporter Wang Junwu the scene picture Reporter found, demonstrated the slide vehicle is uses the battery to actuate the energy, it not can only in the flat land travel, moreover may also again places travel such as field, lawn. According to loves Ducker the car engineering (Shanghai) the Limited company sales personnels and vehicles order business introduced that this vehicle takes the small location transport means that is very popular in Europe, particularly goes in the big manor receives specially welcome. In addition, the young people may also use it to take arrive at the riding instead of walking tool which the field, the rough terrain play. However, although surrounds that slide vehicle's audience many, but sells the price also really lets the human think that is very expensive. This slide vehicle highest speed may amount to 50 kilometers, charges for 5 hours to be possible to go 50 kilometers, at present the selling price is 4000 US dollars. This company sales personnels indicated that estimated the first year has in the global market sales volume 6000 both, along with the performance and so on correlation technique's unceasing improvement, expects ten years later achieves 100,000.

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