Closer ties with EDAG for SCARPAR

Aussie powersports vehicle entrant SCARPAR has announced that it will continue the relationship it has with German engineering powerhouse beyond its current engineering project. Andrew Fern, the company's CEO said, "EDAG has been a dream come true for us. They are amazingly talented and our team within EDAG is sensational. I am pleased to announce that EDAG is assisting us with moving into serial production over the next year which going to make the process a lot less daunting for us."

You will be seeing the designed by EDAG logo on SCARPAR's products already as a sign of the huge amount of time and money spent on ensuring quality engineering of the release product. "It's one thing to build one of them, but designing to produce tens of thousands of them is another issue", Fern said. "We honestly would have had a very different result were we not fortunate enough to have EDAG's assistance through this process. Building a vehicle for mass production is not a job for students or inventors, although there's obviously a place for invention early in the product development process. The talent of the EDAG team with each member having many years of tier one automotive experience, will be the thing that in the end ensures that we can support what we ship", he said.

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