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MEDIA ENQUIRIES:  We will attend to your queries as quickly as possible. This is usually within 12 hours depending on time differences. 

DEALER AND DISTRIBUTION ENQUIRIES: If you have contacted us before about distribution or dealership, we still have your details and will be in touch later this year when we outline our dealer program. If not, please feel free to register your interest using the form below. To be a dealer, you will ultimately need to hold and therefore you should reserve two (2) of each model vehicle you intend to sell. If you are making a distribution enquiry for a country or region, please also register your interest via this form and we will contact you in due course.

GENERAL ENQUIRIES: We will attempt to answer all general enquiries within 48 hours if possible. Before you email us, please make sure that your question has not already been answered on the FAQ located on our forums or in the product information or specification.

Scarpar Pty Ltd
PO Box 491
Elanora QLD 4221
Phone: +61 7 5641 1722
Fax:   +61 7 3009 0457

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