Darren Powell confirmed as Scarpar test rider

Aussie snowboarding legend, Darren Powell, has been confirmed as test rider for powersports startup Scarpar. "We're really proud to have Darren on our team", Scarpar CEO Andrew Fern said. "He's a great athlete and not many people can say they've been over 200kmh / 120 mph on a snowboard", he said. Some testing has taken place already with further performance testing scheduled for September 2011 just before the field trials. Darren said, "I was a bit dubious about something with an electric motor. Honestly, I was thinking wheel-chairs have electric motors", he laughed. "The power of the prototype gained my instant respect though. It was a massive surprise", he said, finishing by saying. "it was enormously powerful. I definitely was concentrating when I was on it. This is just a great project and I can't wait to see the release product out there. It's going to blow everyone away!"

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