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Australian Powersports Company Preparing to Launch Electric All Terrain Vehicles for Board Riders


Board riders are about to have all their dreams come true with the imminent release of Scarpar's new range of off-road power boards. After many years of product development the release is now slated for Q1 2012. The product has been designed and engineered for manufacture by partner EDAG, a German based global automotive engineering powerhouse with clients ranging from BMW and VW through to Airbus.

It is in a different league to every other attempt to put off-road powerboard riding on the map previously. With articulating tracks replacing traditional wheels, no surface is off-limits. It's intended to be used right where the MotoX bikes are being ridden. A bit of light snow on a trail, or perhaps along the water's edge at the beach on the sand ... no problem. There has been huge interest in the company and it's products globally with deposits for first products already in from Australia, Europe and the US.

CEO Andrew Fern said, "We've been killing ourselves to make Christmas, but we think it's going to end up being Q1. We are OK with this. When you consider that we have 550 parts in total, and a complex electric system which includes regenerative braking and other technology integrations, the scale of the task we've had starts to become clearer. This has never been done before and it's been a massive job with every part having a story", he said.

Scarpar's flagship model X powerboard product will be able to travel at speeds of up to 50km/h (32mp/h) and distances of up to 50km (32mp/h) on a single charge. It's a vehicle in every sense with 3000w of constant power available and 6000w of peak power giving huge torque of around 14Nm (10.33 lb ft). This will enable a rider to ride straight up a 15 degree slope from a standing start. If this doesn't sound steep, it is. In fact actually staying on a board going uphill any steeper than that is a significant challenge according to the company. The 2000w/h LiFePo4 battery pack can be charged in around 5 hours but is also able to be removed and replaced with a spare battery if available.

One of the most interesting features is that it's a 'no trailer required' product. The whole vehicle can be transported by one person, able to be disassembled down to manageable parts and can fit in the back of a small car. This is a huge step forward as other powersports products such as ATVs and MotoX bikes require a trailer or at least a utility vehicle. "This has always been a design goal", Fern said. "Disconnecting systems that are designed to stay together is not straight forward, but we've got a great solution which will our customers to put the vehicle in the back of their car."

Pre-orders are able to be placed at the company's website with the high performance model X estimated to retail for US$3800 largely through select local powersports dealers once shipping starts next year. 

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