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To be considered for distribution of our product, you would need to be prepared to make a substantial investment and have:

  • an existing powersports or action sports dealer network in your country
  • the financial capability to deal with our product in volume
  • experience with international freight and logistics
  • the capability to manage local regulatory and compliance issues 
  • the ability to obtain product liability and other relevant insurances
  • marketing capabilities and networks in your country
  • the ability to take care of and grow our brand
  • willingness to invest in marketing in your country

If you answered yes to all of the above, there may be an opportunity in your county in the future. 

If you answer no to some or all of the above, but you'd still like to sell our products, a dealer opportunity may be possible.

Note, if you already have contacted us, we still have your details and will be in touch with you in due course.

Please contact us via the contact form for distribution or dealership enquiries.

For the record, we are not looking for online dealers ... we could do that ourselves.


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