Send Darren to France

The Short Version …

Darren Powell (our test rider) has the current speed record on a snowboard … fastest man ever. He wants to break his current record and thinks he can. It is currently 201.9kmh or 126mph.

We need help to send him back to France next month so he can give it a crack and if we raise enough, we’ll choose someone to go with him. If you want to help, please donate whatever ou can afford (right or below) and then link everywhere you can to this page and tell 1000 of your closest friends!

Let’s get him there!!


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The Long Version …

Here at Scarpar we are really proud to have Darren Powell as our test rider. He is an extraordinary talent and very chilled out … a great combination. He is the fastest man ever to ride a snowboard. His latest, and still current record was set in 2003.

We were talking last week on the way back from testing the latest prototype and I was stunned to learn that no snowboard company (including the one who’s board he rides fast) is interested in supporting / sponsoring him in breaking his record. That’s why he hasn’t been back since 2003! Unbelievable? That’s what I thought.

In fact, he’s had really poor sponsorship support considering he’s the best that’s ever been in his field. Even more unbelievable is the relatively small amount needed to make this happen.

It’s our aim to help him get back to Les Arcs in France this year in April (or this month if possible) so he can prepare to try to break the record he’s held since 2003 for speed snowboarding in late April. We can’t afford to  do this on our own but we can help a bit. We think a lot of people will want to help out. Are you one of  them?

If you are one of the board riders in the world who would like to see if  Darren can go faster than 201.9kmh / 126mph, on a snowboard, donate whatever you can afford.

If we raise $20,000, he’s going!! If we raise $30,000, you might be going too! We will send one lucky donor over there for part of his trip to keep us all updated!

Any specific questions, get in touch via info (AT) scarpar (DOT) com, or leave a message on

Darren believes if the conditions are right, he can break his record.

Help us get this out there so we can find out!

Thanks for your support.

Andrew Fern