At Scarpar, we are producing powersports vehicles not toys. We take safety, reliability, styling and performance all equally seriously. To ensure the best possible products, we have engaged global engineering powerhouse EDAG to design and engineer our release vehicles.

EDAG’s customer list reads like a who’s who of the automotive and aerospace industries with a major presence in Airbus and a long history with the likes of Mercedes Benz, BMW, General Motors and other automotive giants.

Our design for manufacture engagement of EDAG over the past 2 years and into the future will ensure our products are always styled and engineered to world class standards.

EDAG Group – Partner to the International Mobility Industry

The world’s largest independent development partner, the EDAG Group develops ready-for-production concepts and solutions to sustain mobility in the future.

As EDAG is an all-round development partner for the international automotive industry, the development of complete modules, vehicles, derivatives and production plants is as much a part of our service portfolio as the construction of models and prototypes. Besides engineering services, EDAG offers to implement complete production systems for body in white construction and vehicle assembly, through to the (low-volume/series) production of modules and special vehicle series, from a single source. In 2009, the Group had turnover of more than 570 million euros, and employed a worldwide workforce of over 5,800.

Where Did the Concept Come From?

Our vehicle concept came from an Australian inventor Dan Baldwin.  Way back in 1994 Dan was cursing the shortness of the Australian snow season. He started thinking about how he might solve this issue.

His love of skateboarding, surfing, wake-boarding, downhill mountain biking and particularly snowboarding inspired him. He occasionally rode MX (badly! he says) and really wanted a board that was capable of keeping up with his MX mates. It took him 10 years to build his first proof of concept which involved some fantastic ingenuity.

It’s this concept that is being engineered into a mass producible product range by EDAG.