Scarpar e-PSB model X 3.0 kW

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The Scarpar e-PowerSports Board 3-0 kW
Price: US$3,799

So you are looking for a buzz and want plenty of power under-foot? You will be wanting our model X product. Steep (10-15 degrees) ascents and descents are possible with a massive 14Nm of torque. The electric system doesn't have to built up to 'band' to have full torque like a combustion engine. With an electric system, you have 100% of your torque available from the time you first squeeze the trigger!

A top speed of 32mph / 50kmh means you will need to wear a helmet and body armour all the time. Designed for manufacture from the ground up by EDAG it includes wireless acceleration / braking, and has a 2kWh battery pack to give you plenty of run-time. It includes the Scarpar e-PSB X 3-0, battery and charger.

Vehicles will be first shipped in December 2011. Vehicle design will be refined and the specification is subject to some change. If you want to be first in your neighbourhood (maybe even your country) to have one, you can pay a refundable reservation deposit is US$600. We use PayPal for these transactions and will hold the deposits until we are ready to ship and you have paid the balance. The reservation deposit will only be released if you decide to proceed with purchase, or you request a refund. Please read the terms and conditions thoroughly prior to reserving your vehicle.

The 3-0 kW model X will satisfy people who are looking for an off-road board riding experience, that's equal to an ATV. The design concept incorporates many advanced features. Here are just a few:

  • unique articulating tracks for that 'on rails' experience off-road
  • each track individually powered giving a balanced feel while riding
  • mechanisms to dampen vibration over different surfaces
  • wireless hand-held accelerator / brake allowing easy control
  • steered by body weight transfer creating intuitive handling and ride for any board rider
  • small, light weight vehicle relative to alternatives and transportable by one person
  • fits in the back-space of a mid size sedan – no trailer or open utility vehicle needed
  • stable at stand still or at speed and easy to learn
  • slight camber on tracks reduces scrubbing of the sides
  • IP 55 rated ... it's electric, but you can still hose it when you get home if it's dirty!
  • electrically actuated mechanical braking to make sure you can stop whatever the circumstance
  • built in safety for controller disassociation and other issues

Many other features will be announced before release.




(note: guidance only and subject to change in release product)

motor type

brushless electric dc motor/s (2 x 1.5kW)

battery pack

2 kW LiFePo4 battery pack - 40 amps x 48 Volts (charger included) 

target top speed

50  km/h (32 mph) - limited for your safety!

target torque

14Nm of torque (50% at each track) and capable of ascending a 15 degree slope at 15 km/h

target run-time

1  hour under ‘normal conditions’

target range

50km / 32 miles or greater

target vehicle weight

55 kg / 120 lbs (vehicle disassembly possible for easy lone transport)

target rider maximum weight

110 kg / 242 lb maximum

target dimensions

length: 1.5m / 59 inches, width: 40cm / 20”, track width: 30cm / 16”

 target feet height

deck (feet) height – 20cm / 8”

 estimated charge time

5 hours to full charge on standard power outlet

controller (acceleration / braking)

2.4ghz wireless

braking mechanism

electrically actuated mechanical braking

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