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Frequently Asked Questions - All FAQs

FAQs - All FAQs

Shipping a great product is the number 1 goal. It's a complex product and we have to get it right. That meant doing further work which we are in the process of doing.

We will be conducting further field trials soon followed by manufacturing setup for serial production.

 It'll be 2016 ... we'll make announcements as it firms up.

This is the current specification we are working to:




(note: guidance only and subject to change in release product)

motor type

80v system with brushless electric dc motor/s (2 x 1.5kW constant - peak 2 x 3kW)

battery pack

1 kW LiFePo4 battery pack - 80 Volts (charger included) 

target top speed

TBA - limited for your safety!

target torque

Maximum of 20Nm of torque (50% at each track) and capable of ascending a 15 degree slope at 15 km/h

target run-time

30 minutes under ‘normal conditions’ (spare battery capable)

target range

15km / 9.5 miles maximum per battery / charge depending on terrain

target vehicle weight

45 Kg / 99 lbs 

target rider maximum weight

110 kg / 242 lb maximum

target dimensions

length: 1.5m / 59 inches, width: 40cm / 20”, track width: 30cm / 16”

 target feet height

deck (feet) height – 20cm / 8”

 estimated charge time

2.5 hours to full charge on standard power outlet

controller (acceleration / braking)

2.4ghz wireless

braking mechanism

regenerative assisted by electrically actuated mechanical braking

We won't drop ship / send them directly to you as we want someone to do a run-through with you, particularly around safety. 

You can help us out by going into your local powersports store and telling them you want to buy one when they are available. If you could ask them to contact us that would help... that way we'll end up with the right dealers.

We have removed the ability to order as we finalise the component prices with our supply chain. If you have an order in, you are in luck as we may need to revise the price due to component pricing.

If you subscribe to the email list (top of the website) you'll be informed as soon as they are available. 


We will announce final pricing around the end once component contracts are finalised later this year.

Our current estimate is $4500-$5000 for the US market. Other markets will vary but this is a guide.


Unless you are in the US or Australia, the answer is yes. And yes, we will consider exclusivity if you have the scale to take it on.

We've had hundreds of approaches but only a handful have proven to have the capability to actually become our distribution partners. If you do not have an existing powersports or related channel, it will be very difficult without significant resourcing.

Please contact us if you are interested. If you've already contacted us, we haven't lost your details, we are just waiting to finalise production before pursuing your enquiries.

Yes, provided you have the capability, as soon as distribution is organised in your country.

Please register your interest if you'd like to be contacted once this is possible.

This is an old question, but we love it.

For the record, the answer is no :-)

The short version of this story is that there are a bunch of good reasons for us going electric.

1. As one of our customers says; "it's about getting off fossil fuel" ... a good start.

2. The drive train is absolutely direct in our electric design which eliminates a bunch of things that can go wrong and therefore increases its reliability.

3. To get adequate power to weight in a combustion engine we needed to use a 2 stroke which are just about illegal in California and headed that way in the rest of the US which will be our largest market.

4. With a chemically stable non-flamable electric system there are a bunch of places that your National Parks Department/s might just let you ride in!

5. Electric systems have 100% of the motors's torque from a standing start.

There are other reasons, but this is a pretty good summary of the main ones.

OK, this is not exactly a 'frequent' question ... in fact, we only got it once.

But, how good would that be to see!!

Hopefully one day, but not just yet.

Once we have positions available they'll be advertised via our website.