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Scarpar Pty Ltd is a private company. A significant amount has been spent already on prototype development, and intellectual property protection. We believe that we have a product that can establish a new vehicle class and the surrounding industries. The board sport market, largely GenX and GenY, will far prefer a Scarpar to any other form of off-road power sports.

Focused primarily on the off-road market extreme sport market, Scarpar sees the growth in the ATV market as proof of the latent demand for the product. This year there wil be 140,000 Personal Water Craft, 220,000 Snowmobiles, and 1.1 million ATVs sold worldwide. Not to mention 1.5 million Snowboards, 3 million off-road motorbikes, and who knows how many surfboards, skateboards and wakeboards. 
We see an opportunity to be a whole new sector. Something that people look back on in 5 years and can't believe there was a time where you couldn't buy a Scarpar.

We see major opportunities through the existing off-road channel, primarily ATV. These people are skilled, well versed in the intricacies of the laws and safety regulations, and have a lot of existing customers that will buy a Scarpar AS WELL AS their ATV, and some instead of it. There will be some market via snowmobile sales and hire business, and the rental hire business of all kinds (snowmobile and ATV) will be very important to the early sales growth. Few people will buy before they try ... once there are a few out there, this becomes less of an issue, however we belive there will be a long term viable business in hire / rental of Scarpars.

Scarpar enjoys the enviable position of being first to market. We have: 
> A  well executed IP strategy which will encourage businesses that want to get into this new market to work with us 
> 12 years of R and D ... there are a lot of things that aren't obvious, many of which are covered by the patents 
> A growing number of people who LOVE board sports
> Significant interest from media organisations ... we are holding them off at the moment 


Market USATotal Units
Personal Water Craft 66%140,000 
ATV80%1.1 million
Snowmobiles 55% 220,000 
Snowboards 33% 1.5 million 

*figures from various sources including industry reports, company reports, and other publically available information.


If you are interested in contacting us about investment, or licensing of our technology or trademarks, please see the contact page off the main menu for ways to communicate with us.

Thank you.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 03 June 2006 )
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