I want to be a distributor. What's the process?

You need to apply via our online form. Please enquire via the contact form on the website and we'll send a link. We won't disclose pricing until we can verify that you are actually capable of distribution. We also need all our distributors to agree to our processes particularly around delivery. The product is not to be drop-shipped at all. It needs physical delivery for verification of the customer's understanding of safety requirements and their ownership of appropriate gear, age limit, etc

All distributors will need to purchase minimum volume and have demonstrated capacity both in terms of financial resources and other such as the ability to deal with import from Shanghai, local legal, translation, local compliance, dealer channel and any local insurances required.

If you are not in a related product set and do not yet have a channel, this would not necessarily exclude you from being one of our distributors so long as you are able to deal with all the other issues (some of which are outlined above) associated with bringing the products into your country.

We are keen for our product to be successful for all our distributors. This will require close co-operation between us and our distributors.

on Wednesday July 19 by Scarpar Administrator
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