Why did you drop the top speed to 20mp/h (32km/h) ?

There are a few reasons for dropping the top speed but the primary ones are safety, stability and torque trade-off.

Firstly, 20 mp/h (32 km/h) is faster than you can run. It won't be powder snow or necessarily soft sand or similar you fall onto. If you do fall (or bail) onto hard ground the wrong way or run into something it is fast. This said, we also understand that the speed is part of the attraction as it is with all similar products.

Making it go faster is very simple however there are other issues to take into account. The main reason is to do with 'caster' / trail and mechanical oscillation (speed wobbles). It's necessary to increase the turning resistance as speed increases in order to engineer this out completely. There's not low cost way to do this, but we may look at in the future. 

Secondly, it fast standing up for most people in most circumstances. We know there are some customers who'll want to go faster. That will rarely be the case off-road because the surfaces are uneven. It's not slick like snow, concrete / road or water. The comfort going fast is relative to the vibration from the surface.

There are other technical reasons for reducing the speed, but they aren't related to 'not possible'. This trade-off is torque and speed. We want you to be able to go uphill which means you have to make a trade-off in the system. It takes 5x the torque (and energy) to go up the maximum hill on a soft surface as to go top speed on a hard surface.

We think we've got the balance right for now.


on Wednesday July 19 by Scarpar Administrator
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